Bedroom and Cushions

Beds and Accessories

Bock V2 Adjustable bed

Supplied with Posture Temp Pressure relieving mattress. Electric Head and leg section adjustment with automatic triple knee break . Ergo PLus hand controller designed for ease of use with fully adjustable mounting clip. Height adjustable and available with Oyster or Dark Oak bed ends.

Roma Spring Assisted U-Base Overbed Table 

The table has spring assisted one-hand height adjustment. Available in an almond top

4-Castor Table – Tilting Top

Features of this heavy duty table include a twin mast to provide greater strength and an 18mm-thick laminated top. With its U-shape base it can be easily positioned in front of a wheelchair/ chair without obstructing the patients legs.

Roma U-base Table

Spring assisted. One-hand height adjustment. Robust construction. With its U-shape base it can be easily positioned in front of a wheelchair/chair without obstructing the patient’s legs.

Adjustable tilting table

This versatile table can be easily used for those who need to spend a lot of time in bed. It is a movable, useful platform that provides a surface for various needs such as eating a meal, reading a book or doing a puzzle. This high quality table enables the surface to be tilted whilst the smaller fixed surface can be used to hold other things such as a cup of tea.

Overbed Pole

The free-standing over-bed pole is fabricated from heavy tubular steel and is chrome plated. The pole can be moved through a 180-degree arc or fixed. Easy-to-adjust strap gives a variation of approximately 600mm. Moulded plastic handle. Flat-packed for ease of storage and transport.

Adjustable Backrest

An adjustable backrest which makes sitting up in bed more comfortable and secure. Made of a white powder coated frame with a breathable nylon mesh fabric, it comes complete with a padded, removable head rest.

AML Bed Rail

A bed rail to help users getting in and out of bed.
Powder coated bed rail that can be fixed on either side of the bed.

Adjustable Bed Cradle

This lightweight, adjustable blanket cradle is designed to keep bedclothes clear of feet and legs. Fits under mattress.

Non Slip Bedsocks

One Size Fits Most
30% Wool – 58% Acrylic – 10% Nylon – 2% PVC Resin
Great sock for around the house.
Non slip tread on the sole.
Black XLarge available with blue feet

Premium Bedpad With Flaps 850×900

The Abso® Premium Bed Pad is a high absorbency incontinence sheet containing four functional layers laminated to each other. The top layer is made of special yarns that transfer the unwanted liquid to lower layers very quickly, leaving the top layer dry. The liquid is locked between the lower layers to prevent penetration into the mattress. The breathable PU membrane and fully laminated layers help prevent decubitus wounds. These are designed for institutional use and the solid and quality construction withstands industrial machine washing and drying.

Elephant Feet – 90mm Set of 4

Very stable and safe.Recess in the top allows the castor or leg to be securely raised. These feet fit easily under the legs of most beds and chairs, to raise them by either 90mm. Non-slip inserts ensure secure fitting. Very good for multi-leg beds.

Elephant Feet – 140mm Set of 4

Recess in the top allows the castor or leg to be securely raised. These feet fit easily under the legs of most beds and chairs, to raise them by 140mm. Non-slip inserts ensure secure fitting. Very good for multi-leg beds.


Side hand grips. Sturdy. Autoclaveable to 135°C.


Standard Seat Cushioning

Perfect for wheel chairs The Icare seat cushioning range offers a range of sizes in 5cm and 10cm thickness. With washable zip off covers and a high density visco elastic core these cushions are perfect for added comfort in wheelchairs, cars and seating in the home.

Posture Wedge

Assists with spine alignment The wedge shaped Icare Posture Cushion helps to restore the spine’s natural shape and helps to prevent further damage to your back by removing excessive pressure on the spine.

Donut Cushion

For comfort when seated This cushion is ideal for individuals who need to sit for extended periods of time and are suffering from conditions like haemorrhoids, tailbone pain, coccyx pain, sciatica or even surgeries and pre/post-natal pain. Icare Donut Cushions are designed to reduce pain and enhance your sitting comfort while at work or home.

Back Cushion

The Icare back cushion is ergonomically designed to provide correct posture and relieve stiffness and pain. It provides targeted support and is contoured to reduce muscle strain.

Coccyx Wedge

For coccyx pain relief. Coccyx pain (known as coccydynia) can be the result of a fall or a fracture. Icare coccyx cushions are a way to alleviate coccyx pain reducing pressure in the area of discomfort.

Lumbar Rolls

Lower back support rolls. Icare lumbar rolls support the natural curvature of the spinal cord relieving fatigue, pressure, and pain. These cushions also support correct posture, neck and back alignment when seated.
The lightweight cushions are made of high-density visco elastic that retains its shape after use.

Knee Cushion

Supports pelvis and spine. Icare knee pillow is used to alleviate back, knee, leg, and hip pain by promoting correct spinal alignment. This can also be used as a knee spacer during pregnancy, and can be placed under the legs to support the lower back and increase circulation.